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ETA Experts company S.A.E was founded with a dream and a passion to make the community a better place, by guiding different entities in reducing different types of wastes and promoting a safety and a high-quality culture. It provides a variety of carefully crafted services tailored to the customer needs and requirements. With multiple levels of consultations and smart solutions in Health & Safety, Food Safety, Quality Management and Energy management.
A strong system defines the right steps in the right sequence. It enables a company to achieve extraordinary results by properly aligning and effectively using the abilities of ordinary people.

The Chairman

The Passion to make the community a better place

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ETA “η“ is a letter in the Greek alphabet that represents “efficiency” in physics. We thrive to become Efficient by “Doing Things Right” while being effective in doing the right things.

 The Blue color reflects Trust, Integrity and Reliability while the Green color reflects our commitment to Safety, Quality, and Eco-Friendly behavior. Both colors are fully aligned with our Core Values.


ETA Experts Philosophy

• We believe that by raising awareness about Safety and Quality, we would help grow a healthier community and secure a better future for our children.

•We respect our planet's natural resources. Our solutions are always tailored to the customers' real needs and follow and support the relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

• We have adopted the Nuclear Power philosophy of thorough investigations, rigorous analysis and effective corrective action program. 

• We do not treat symptoms, we are more interested to solve the root cause of the problem. Therefore, we dive deeper into the waters for answers and we're not satisfied by just finding the tip of the iceberg.

• We are committed to provide practical & implementable solutions that are based on science, smart tools and experience. 

• We believe that the right balance between human resources and technology will always be the venue to solve our challenges.  

We believe in Doing Things Right !!

ETA Experts offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization.

The ETA Experts Mission

Our mission is to guide our clients in promoting a positive culture in terms of safety, efficiency and effectiveness.
We will achieve this by cooperating with the client teams and understanding their true needs, then formulate smart and purpose-built solutions.

Vince Lombardi

The ETA Experts Vision

To become the most trusted and respected brand in the market.

We will honor this vision in any market we serve, any service we provide and any product we offer.

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