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ETA Experts Solutions for Hospitality

Staying at a hotel, enjoying a meal, or attending an event comes with an expectation that the guest will be safe, secure and will be treated as a VIP throughout the duration of the visit.

At ETA Experts, we understand that the customer’s delight is dependent on the efficiency and effectiveness of the different functions of the facility. From suppliers to sales and from operations to customer service the fully integrated value chain is collaborating to ensure such success. 

We also recognize that getting there is hard, but maintaining constant customer satisfaction is way harder to sustain. ​

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ETA Experts, can help you find the real issues in the facility operation as well as the deeply embedded weaknesses in your management system. We adopt the science & technology, utilize our experience, and acquire your clients' and stakeholders' specific requirements to help you increase your customer delight. We analyze the challenges based on the different Focus Areas such as HSE, Quality, Food Safety & Energy Management and create a tailored solution for your situation. 

ETA Experts Services

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ETA Experts Deep Dive Assessment

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ETA Experts Shield Program

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ETA Experts Visual Talk Program

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ETA Experts Viewfinder Assessment

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ETA Experts Contracto-Meter

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ETA Experts Heartbeat Program

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ETA Experts Process Doctor

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