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ETA Experts Solutions For Manufacturing

     Many managers may believe that manufacturing incidents are only caused by large equipment, heavy machinery, and operator errors. At ETA Experts, we believe that most incidents happen from much smaller & overlooked hazards as well as from internal system weaknesses. It is the accumulation of small & unsafe behaviors, poor quality conditions that may result in major incidents

 “Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”    Lord Chesterfield

    The cost of a single workplace incident may leave a big impact on your business such as lost productivity, workers' compensation, low morale, and your business reputation.

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The best way to minimize these costs is by finding the real issues in the operation as well as the deeply embedded weaknesses in your management system. Eventually, the incidents will be avoided. At ETA Experts, we adopt science & technology, utilize our experience and acquire plant-specific knowledge to help you optimize your internal processes and protect your workforce. We analyze the challenges based on the different Focus Areas such as HSE and Quality and create a tailored framework for your situation.

ETA Experts Services

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ETA Experts Deep Dive Assessment

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ETA Experts Shield Program

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ETA Experts Visual Talk Program

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ETA Experts Viewfinder Assessment

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ETA Experts Contracto-Meter

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ETA Experts Heartbeat Program

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ETA Experts Process Doctor

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