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Be Safe & Stay Calm …

In this unprecedented time, panic, stress, and anxiety has taken over our lives. Each individual is facing the effect of the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic. Naturally, everyone is focusing on the daily updates, death rates and rising number of cases. Anxiously, trying to catch every bit of information possible related to this Global crisis. We share stories, pictures and videos about different experiences. We share whatever we can, to get answers hoping to shed more light on the subject. Sometimes, it feels that we are chasing a ghost or a moving target. Collectively, learning as we go, and improving our reactions.

As Health and Safety specialists, we apply the Shewhart/Deming quality principles and invoke the Plan-Do-Check-Act Model (PDCA) even without noticing. This continuous improvement cycle is what keeps us going. The challenge is being on top of the latest information as things are rapidly developing. We are regularly being informed and updated about the Coronavirus, which in turn allows us to take the necessary measures and discovering better methods to eliminate contamination and stop the spread all together.

During this Global crisis, let us remember that information sharing and swift actions are vital in overcoming our challenge. However, it is highly recommended that we remain calm and composed. Getting a handle on our stress and anxiety levels during this time is crucial for our collective well-being. In addition, we must keep in perspective that this ‘enemy’ we are fighting, is attacking the world all at the same time. We must have faith that the relentless efforts of our country, along with efforts of every country to find a solution, will pay off.

Equally important, it is necessary to maintain a balance between obtaining accurate information and facts to constructively deal with the situation, and information circulating from various sources, including the media, social networks, and word of mouth. It is easy to get caught up in a cycle of sharing incorrect information and rumors, which could be arising from social media platforms. Let us pay more attention to the source of the information and make a better effort in protecting ourselves and our families. We need to remain calm in managing the situation, especially, if we are front line responders or self-isolated.

Unquestionably, the current state of fear and uncertainty is posing a threat to our mental Health. The quarantine may pose significant stress on people. Yes, we are helping others by staying at home and not contributing to the spread of the virus. We need to remember that this is a temporary situation and by being at home we are really helping the community.

For the people who are not used to working from home, it is quite a challenge. The best advise here is that each person can try to take advantage of this situation and improve on certain skills. Now is the time to experiment and find out what works for you. Perhaps, those working from home can apply a disciplined routine with multiple small breaks and observe the change in their production rate. We can also start looking at things from a different perspective, instead of focusing on all the negatives, how about looking at some positives. Examples can include, commute time-saver, spending more time with our children, fixing something in the house we have been putting off for long time, etc...

Thanks to the new technology, we can still communicate with coworkers, friends and family using audio/video, share files and sometimes experience online gaming platforms. Engaging in relaxing activities online such as, yoga, meditation, or music, are all considered to be a positive approach in tackling our challenges to stay at home. We can choose to take advantage of our time by being productive and working on improving ourselves and our relationships or we can waste this time and only complain about what is happening. The choice is yours.

NASA recognizes the hazard of Isolation and confinement as one of the five known hazards that will impact the astronauts in space. This is a nice video that shares their approach of focusing on Key factors “ Lighting, Movement and Sleep”

We just need to remember that we are all in this together. On a positive note, this epidemic disease dramatically united humanity in having one common goal … Fighting The Virus!!

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